I am currently based at the GRAB lab of Yale University, where I conduct research on the following topics:

  • Upper Limb Prosthetics
  • Haptic Navigation Technology
  • Underactuated Robot Hands

My former research (at BRL – the Bristol Robotics Laboratory) centres around haptics (the sense of touch) in regards to surgical robotics. During my time in Bristol I initiated or was involved with several projects. The following pages will open from the BRL site:

Below are some details of the haptics for tele-surgery project.

In order to investigate the role of different sensations and their role in tele-operated manipulator systems, my colleague and I have constructed the following system, which allows the user to feel objects in remote locations (in our case, the other side of the room):

You can read more about this system, and it’s application to our research on the BRL project page.