Destino is a simple but effective 3HP Eurorack headphone amplifier. It is intended to be a cost and size efficient version of an essential module. At only €40, it is intended to help budget conscious folks start their first rack, while also allowing more established modular synth folks to get a second or third system going. It has a single mono input and stereo output, controlled by a volume knob. It is also designed to be easy and fun to put together, so is an ideal kit for DIY novices.

Destino in a Euroack

The circuit and PCB are simple and easy to assemble, with a clear silkscreen and all through hole components, making this a nice beginner kit for those starting out in building their own Eurorack modules.

Destino has a black and white panel inspired by a classic ‘Hick’s Hexagon’ design (created by Mr. Hicks and made famous by a spooky carpet). Though the unit ships with a purple knob, this is mounted on a standard 6.35mm round shaft, so is easy to customize with different colours and shapes (check out Thonk for nice alternatives).